Top benefits of Maxi-Cosi baby capsule hire
News 4 September 2019

Top benefits of Maxi-Cosi baby capsule hire

Top benefits of Maxi-Cosi baby capsule hire


You’ve decided on a capsule for your baby’s first car seat… but now it comes down to a buy or hire baby capsule decision. You will need to factor in your budget, your location and your future family plans. 

Baby capsule hire benefits

Firstly, baby capsule hire is a cost effective option. You’ve already made the decision to go with a baby capsule so you know the benefits of portability and ease of getting out and about with baby. And you also know that at approximately six months of age your baby will outgrow their baby capsule… by choosing the hire baby capsule option, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.

A baby capsule is ideal if this is your first baby, but it’s also ideal for parents who have older children, so if this is your last baby, by going with baby capsule hire you will not only save money but also won’t be left with a product that you won’t be using again. Another tick in the baby capsule hire column. 

Another benefit - and this is a big one - when you hire a capsule from Maxi-Cosi, the baby capsule is couriered to you. You can order from the comfort of your couch… and select when you want the capsule to arrive so you have everything prepared for baby’s arrival.

Around the world, more than 50 million babies have taken their journey home in a Maxi-Cosi restraint… and more Australian parents trust Maxi-Cosi capsules than any other brand.


When you hire a baby capsule from Maxi-Cosi you will have peace of mind that our capsules are:

  • The only capsules that feature Air Protect for your baby’s safety and comfort
  • Compatible with more leading stroller brands than any other capsule
  • Compliant with strict Australian Safety Standards
  • Thoroughly tested through a Maxi-Cosi safety and quality assessment
  • Put through the Maxi-Cosi certification process which includes sterilising and cleaning after every hire

Mum putting baby in Maxi-Cosi capsule

Straight from the source

The benefit of hiring direct from Maxi-Cosi is that you are hiring straight from the source. As the manufacturer, we know our baby capsules inside and out… not to mention the fact that Maxi-Cosi baby capsules are loved by mums and dads.

So what’s the process now that you’ve decided you are going to hire from Maxi-Cosi? It couldn’t be simpler…

  1. Visit the registration page
  2. Select the capsule you want to hire, how long you want to hire it for (you can extend this if you need) and when you want the capsule to arrive
  3. Make your payment
  4. You will receive an email confirmation after you have placed your order along with regular updates on the progress of your order
  5. When your rental period is over, you return the capsule to us via your local Australia Post outlet
  6. You can sleep easy knowing that you are hiring only the best for your baby!
If you are interested in our Maxi-Cosi Baby Capsule Hire program, please visit the hire page on our website. On this page you can watch step by step videos, information about How to Hire and recommendations from real life mums, who love the product.