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Baby Travel System or Separate Pram and Car Seat?
Travel 10 February 2021

Baby Travel System or Separate Pram and Car Seat?

Maxi Cosi is here to make life easy for you. Going into parenthood can be a daunting experience, and sometimes a professional opinion can mean the world of difference. You may be asking yourself, should I get a car seat and pram combo? Are travel systems worth it? What are the pros and cons of a separate pram and capsule?

Don’t worry, we’ll clear up all questions and queries, after all, we’ve been doing it for 60 years.

Choosing a capsule and pram is dependent on transitions. As a parent, there can be thousands of transitions per day. From the house to the car and then to an appointment, back to the car, a quick stop off at grandma’s house and hey, it’s only 11:00 AM… The easier you make every transition, the easier it will be to maintain your sanity. The predominant tools of transition are a capsule and a pram that’s why they need to be seamless, compact, and trendy (a hint of style never hurt anyone).

It’s important to remember that every family is different, some travel a lot, others are house dwellers, some walk everywhere, some ride! What works for one family may not work for another.

Let’s look at everything you’ll need to know about choosing the right baby travel system, including car seats, strollers and the latest pram and capsule combo designs by Maxi Cosi.

What is a Baby Travel System?

A baby travel system is a pram and car seat in one. The baby capsule pram combo allows parents to move bubba seamlessly from car to pram without taking them out of the capsule and waking them up!


Pros and Cons of a Baby Travel System

Pros - The baby capsule and pram combo makes your life easy. There’s no doubt that having children is the most beautiful journey an individual will encounter but entering parenthood is no walk in the park; life gets a little more challenging. There are the baby’s late-night cry sessions, your partner’s late-night cry sessions, feeling like you’re always doing something wrong, early mornings, mountainous piles of swamp nappies and the constant realisation that you have forgotten to bring something. One thing that parents soon learn is to make life as easy as possible.

With baby travel systems, the car seat capsule is removable with a click of a button and can be transferred to the pram. This will help keep bubba asleep, and parents calm.


Pros - Baby travel systems prove to be very compactable. Boot space is currency; parents are constantly battling to squeeze one more item into the trunk. To maximise free space you want a car seat pram combo that will retract almost two-dimensionally.

Cons - There is a downside to the capsule pram combo; most are suited to new-born - 1 year in opposition to the singular car seat from 1 year - 8 years, approximately. But Maxi Cosi has a considerable solution; the Zelia Stroller and Micro Plus baby travel system suits bubbas from newborn - 4 years old eliminating any financial burdens and concerns. 

Cons - After four years, you will need to buy a larger forward-facing car seat that accommodates your child’s growth. This can be a pricey purchase, and raising a child can be a financial strain without buying extra car seats.


All in one Travel System Prams

Maxi Cosi has been designing and manufacturing products reinforcing safety, style, comfort and efficiency for 60 years. Check out the baby travel systems that are making life easy for parents all around the world;


Zelia Stroller and Micro Plus

  • Comfortable seat and inlay
  • Full reclining seat with lie-flat position
  • Pram seat converts from bassinet to seat
  • Seat adjusts to parent-facing or forward-facing in 2 clicks
  • Included boot cover can be used with bassinet and seat unit
  • Canopy with peekaboo window and visor
  • Integrated bassinet in 2 steps
  • Raincover included
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Lightweight
  • Huge shopping basket

Mico Plus ISOFIX Infant Carrier Features:

  • Extendable reflective sun canopy
  • ISOFIX base compatible with cars that have ISOFIX stabiliser bracket
  • Water-resistant hood with breathable sides
  • UPF 50+ front and side mesh panels.
  • Aircraft compliance certified.
  • 2 Position crotch buckle to improve fitment for smaller babies.
  • Easy out magnetic harness holders.
  • Soft one touch pram release buttons.
  • Air Protect, Superior Side-impact Protection.
  • Cool Baby Wicking Fabric with Bamboo charcoal.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Travel system compatibility with Australia's most popular brands.

What is a Separate Pram and Baby Car Seat?

A ‘separate pram and car seat’ is how it sounds. They are individual units; the car seat remains in the vehicle and cannot connect to the stroller.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of purchasing a separate pram and baby car seat.

Pros and Cons of a Pram and Baby Car Seat

Pros - the Lila Stroller and Vita Pro Car Seat Bundle supports the ‘hands full’ mums and dads that require a one-handed pram pack down. With a two-click pack down, the Lila Stroller is laying flat in seconds. Weighing in at 8.5 kg it’s easy to lift, resulting in easy transport!

Pros - When buying a separate car seat, you can choose one that can physically adapt to the size of your child up to 8 years old!

Pros - when buying a separate pram, you have more options! You can buy a pram that specialises in comfort, speed and control (for jogging), off-road or sleep time!

Pros - Not having to replace a car seat is also beneficial to your bank; parenting is no cheap venture. Choosing a car seat is a lengthy process in itself, especially if your partner is indecisive and picky! But the emotion is justified, selecting a car seat is a tough decision and one you have to live with for a considerable amount of time.

Not having to buy another car seat also means you don’t have to take the other one out, instal the new one and potentially try and sell the other off. There aren’t enough hours in a day for a parent, and all the extra moments should be spent on a date night, not installing and trying to sell second-hand safety systems!


Cons - A stationary car seat means you have to lift the baby out of the car seat, even if they are sleeping. This can be incredibly frustrating for parents, especially if their baby is a light sleeper!

Cons - Lifting a baby out of the car can be bad for your back, especially if you have a low vehicle and you have to drive a lot throughout the day.


Best Prams and Baby Car Seats (products)

Lila Stroller Benefits:

  • ShapeofYou ergonomic newborn memory foam inlay designed with pediatricians
  • Reversible seat that turns into lie flat bassinet perfect for naps on the go
  • Transformable seat with multiple recline positions for use from birth
  • Reversible, thermo-regulated mattress: breathable mesh for summertime; soft, warm fleece for wintertime
  • Integrated nap keeper to create additional shade
  • Boot cover included
  • Big UPF 50+ canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Rain cover and bumper bar included
  • Maxi-Cosi genuine 5-point harness
  • 4 shock-absorbing suspension wheels
  • Light reflectors on the canopy – for safe walks with baby at night


Vita Pro Benefits:

  • Safety Shield, Dual-Action Protection, offering superior head and torso protection.
  • Air ProtectTM superior side impact protection, featuring NEW compact design formula.
  • World's first headrest with adjustable side head supports superior comfort and safety.
  • NEW compact G-CELL design for improved safety and ease of installation.
  • Compact rearward facing car seat @540mm depth
  • Large seating depth for superior child comfort for older ages
  • Fitted with ISOGO for easy installation
  • NEW smart and compact ISOGO storage
  • Rearward facing to 30months approximately (maximum height marker 390mm)
  • Forward-facing to 4 years of age approximately (maximum height marker of 435mm)
  • Anti-twist harness strap guides
  • Modular Infant Insert: Offering superior comfort from newborns with 'Cool Baby' wicking fabric
  • 3D Mesh for added pressure support and airflow
  • 8 position headrest and in-built harness adjustment
  • Comfortable three-position headrest and in-built harness adjustment
  • Built-in rebound bar for simple quick seat installation
  • Removable and machine washable seat covers
  • Easy-Out Magnetic Harness Holders to aid simple and safe use of harness
  • NEW 2 piece infant insert with head huggy to aid superior comfort for infants.