The Maxi-Cosi stroller range sets a new standard for baby prams and strollers. Combining exceptional comfort with sleek, functional design, with a Maxi-Cosi stroller you are guaranteed the same level safety as our world-leading car seat range.

No matter what your lifestyle, our Maxi-Cosi baby stroller and travel system pram range has a product to suit you. From lightweight travel strollers to comfort strollers and even double strollers, our products are designed to help you navigate the world as a new parent with ease

The Maxi-Cosi baby stroller and pram range captures the attention of fashion-forward parents. With features like vegan leather accents, sleek, narrow and lightweight frames, and fashion-forward colourways to embody the style of any on-the-go parent

All Maxi-Cosi baby prams and strollers are compatible with our range of baby capsules, which means that you can turn your stroller into a complete travel system with 3 simple clicks.

We have thought of everything with our stroller range from superior comfort features, to ease of use and functionality never seen before. Take one of our newborn and toddler prams for a test drive to see.

At Maxi-Cosi, we carry the future.

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  1. Zelia 2 Lightweight Stroller
    Zelia 2 Lightweight Stroller

    2 in 1 bassinet stroller 

  2. Zelia Stroller Nomad Black
    Zelia Urban Stroller

    Zelia 2-in-1 stroller is best in class comfort with seat that transforms into bassinet.

  3. Maxi-Cosi Lila Duo stroller
    Lila Comfort Stroller

    The Lila Duo Stroller sets a new standard in stroller comfort. Available in single or duo configuration the Lila stroller features an ergonomic memory foam cocoon inlay.

  4. Zelia Stroller & Mico Plus | Travel System Bundle
    Zelia Stroller & Mico Plus | Travel System Bundle

    Finding the right stroller starts with defning your lifestyle and then selecting the stroler that fits in with you. 

  5. Lila Stroller - Second Seat
    Lila Stroller - Second Seat

    With the Duo Kit, you can easily adjust the Lila stroller into 9 different positions to ensure the best comfort for both of your children.

  6. Travel system - Twin strollers - Lila stroller
    Lila Stroller & Lila Duo Seat Bundle

    Easily transform Lila stroller into a twin stroller by attaching the Lila Duo Seat. The Lila bundle stroller will be the next best place after your arms. It's suitable from birth up to approx 3.5 y

  7. Lara Ultra Compact Stroller
    Lara Ultra Compact Stroller

    The ultra-lightweight and compact Maxi-Cosi Lara stroller is ready to travel everywhere with ease, because having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying all of your favorite adventures, such

  8. Laika Compact Stroller
    Laika Compact Stroller

    Lightweight, compact and incredibly comfortable with one hand fold. Laika stroller is all about convenience.

  9. Baby Stroller Dana For 2 Nomad Blue
    Dana for2 Twin Stroller

    The comfortable double stroller, allowing two baby capsules side by side

  10. Modern Nappy Bag
    Modern Nappy Bag

    The Modern nappy bag comes with a zipper insulated bag, zipper bottle carrier/storage bag and change mat

  11. Laika Carry Cot
    Laika Carry Cot

    The Laika carry cost is suitable from birth to approx 6 months

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Maxi-Cosi Prams and Strollers: All you need to know.


The Maxi-Cosi strollers for babies range offers best-in-class comfort for babies and intuitive solutions for parents. Our range has it all. From comfort strollers, to lightweight strollers, to duo strollers for twins and babies close in age. 

All Maxi-Cosi baby capsule prams offer complete travel system compatibility with our range of baby capsules for smooth transitions from the car to the road.

Parents can also get the entire Maxi-Cosi look by matching their stroller with a range of carrycots and nappy bags, all in our new nomad fashion colour ways.

Maxi-Cosi focuses on developing innovative mobility solutions that offer the best comfort and protection for babies. You’ll also get the greatest ease-of-use, giving first-time parents the reassurance they need.

All Maxi-Cosi strollers offer 3-in-1 solutions with matching carrycots for transporting newborns in the preferred lie-flat position and baby capsules to help you during those first couple of months as a new parent. New stylish accessories are available to further enhance the look and comfort of the baby strollers.

New stylish accessories are available to further enhance the look and comfort of the strollers.

Maxi-Cosi has a completely renewed range of baby prams and toddler strollers to suit all consumers’ lifestyles - from city living to exploring the great outdoors. Within each lifestyle Maxi-Cosi offers strollers covering specific needs, from super compact strollers to double strollers. Some of our comfort features are, ergonomic seats and extra padded mattresses, smart folding systems, clever memory buttons with one-hand/2-click release and matching accessories.

Shop Convertible Prams and Kids Strollers Online Today


Maxi-Cosi is the global leader in developing smart and stylish mobility solutions for parents, with incredible comfort and safety for growing babies and toddlers. Maxi-Cosi’s intuitive and innovative products help carry families happily into the future ahead. We have a strong focus on developing innovative mobility solutions that offer the best comfort and protection for babies. Shop our range online today or get in contact with our team more information.



When can babies go in a pram?

Prams are safe for your baby from the day they are born to much later on. Please note that some prams or baby strollers are designed to accommodate bigger children. Make sure your pram is configured correctly for an infant and is safe for their preferred seating position.

What are the best baby prams for travel?

Collapsible prams that provide more portability will always be best for travelling. If you’re getting on and off a plane or in and out of a car then you will want something light and compact.

What type of pram is best for a newborn?

A newborn pram that is fully reclinable will suit your newborn best as they are safest when lying flat. A pram that has a bassinet that can detach so you don’t have to move the baby in and out is also a fantastic option for this age group.

When can I jog with my baby in a pram?

Generally jogging with your baby in a pram or stroller isn't recommended until they are at least 6 months old. Newborns strollers and prams have great suspension but to ensure your child is safe and not suffering from any impact, it is best to jog without the baby or when it is older.