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Everything you ended to know about ISOFIX car seats


There is so much choice out there when it comes to finding a decent car seat for your children. There’s convertible car seats, capsules, booster seats, rear facing, front facing and so many more… You’d be forgiven for feeling totally overwhelmed and spoilt for choice. But if there is one element you should know about for a very safe, convenient and comfortable option, it’s how the ISOFIX car seats work.

So, what is ISOFIX?


In the '90s, the International Standards Committee started developing a system for installing child restraints that would form the basis for how all car seats should be fitted into cars.

There are two styles of ISOFIX attachment available: rigid and flexible. The move to allow the use of child restraints that are compatible with ISOFIX low anchorages doesn't mean that all American and European car seats will meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards. This means that all ISOFIX car seats need to meet the AS/NZS 1754 standards that have a higher level of testing and other additional design features required.

ISOFIX car seat compatibility in Australia


It's important to note that when looking to purchase an ISOFIX car seat in Australia, to meet the safety standards, the car seat must have the ‘five tick’ approval sticker or tag. Drivers who are using European ISOFIX or American LATCH systems of installment are not obeying the Australian road rules and are at risk of incurring a hefty infringement.

Car seats that are compatible with the ISOFIX system are engaged through low anchorage connectors, allowing them to be properly fixed into your car. The Australian design rules have been amended to fit with performance. Manufacturers of new vehicle models from 1 November 2012 included ISOFIX low anchorages and a year later, all other existing models also.

Buy ISOFIX car seats online from Maxi-Cosi


If you’re looking for the safest option in car seats in Australia and New Zealand then you need Maxi-Cosi. Our range of ISOFIX car seats is extensive, functional and incredibly safe for your baby to travel in. Browse the selection of ISOFIX car seats today and don't hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team if you have any further questions.

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  1. Nero Convertible Car Seat
    Nero Convertible Car Seat

    The Nero convertible car seat is sleek compact and comfortable design featuring our Air Protect Technology. Travel Confidently with the Nero Convertible Car Seat.

  2. Vita Smart
    Vita Smart

    The Vita Smart convertible car seat offers lifesaving technology with superior comfort features for children from birth to 4 years of age.

  3. Vita Pro
    Vita Pro

    The Vita Pro convertible car seat is best in class for advanced safety and comfort.

  4. Euro NXT Car Seat
    Euro NXT Car Seat

    The Euro NXT offers Maxi-Cosi’s ISOFIX compatible system, ISOGO, with GCELL and Air Protect

  5. Vela Slim Car Seat
    Vela Slim Car Seat

    The only slim-line car seat on the market with Air Protect

  6. Baby Car Seat Moda Eclipse
    Moda Car Seat

    The ultimate baby car seat in Maxi-Cosi safety and comfort.

  7. Baby Car Seat Euro Slim Jet Black
    Euro Slim Car Seat

    Slim and Compact with Air Protect – Extreme Safety for Growing Families

  8. Baby Car Seat Euro Plus Nomad Blue
    Euro Plus Car Seat

    Advanced safety with GCELL and Air Protect head protection, the Euro Plus is your best defense in the instance of an accident 

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Why Isofix Car Seats

ISOFIX car seat FAQs


How do I know if my car has ISOFIX?

Not all cars have ISOFIX anchorages. Since 2000, some vehicles that have been imported from Asia, Europe and America have arrived with ISOFIX low anchorages already installed. This has been included voluntarily by the producer and won’t be included in every car.

You can find out if your car is fitted with ISOFIX low anchorages by checking for the ISOFX symbol. The points should be easy to find as they will be clearly marked but if you cannot see them, then you can contact the car manufacturer for more information. Generally the ISOFIX low anchorages will be located on the outer two seats in the second row of your car but not in the middle position.

Can ISOFIX be added to a car?

This isn’t usually possible as the ISOFIX system is always installed during production in the factory and the anchorages need to be attached to the chassis of the car. However, there are a few car manufacturers that have been offering ISOFIX systems installation as an added option. These cars have assembly points already integrated into the bottom of the car.

How many ISOFIX low anchorages can be fitted in a vehicle?

As the ISOFIX low anchorages are built into the vehicle at the times of it being manufactured, the possibility of more being added is slim. The anchorages will usually be located on the two outer seats in the passenger row, but it does depend on the type of vehicle. If you wish to use the middle seat for your ISOFIX car seat, then it is possible with an added tether strap.

Are ISOFIX car seats better?

There are so many benefits of using ISOFIX car seats over other types. Firstly, they do not necessarily need to be installed professionally. ISOFIX is a simpler method of installing car seats in your vehicle because of the built in indicators. The seatbelt method works well but you will definitely have more peace of mind and confidence when an ISOFIX car seat is installed as it has been proven as the safer option. ISOFIX-compatible car seats come in all configurations, including convertible car seats, rear facing, front facing, and even slimline car seats.

Is there an ISOFIX compatible booster seat?

Unfortunately not. The AS/NZS 1754:2013 standard only allows child restraint manufacturers to make ISOFIX compatible with forward facing and rearward facing child car seats.

Can I convert my existing child car seat to make it suitable to connect to ISOFIX low anchorages?

No you can’t. Only child seats that are crash tested, manufactured and certified to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 1754:2013 are able to be used with ISOFIX low anchorage points.