Maxi-Cosi - The safest way to travel
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Maxi-Cosi - The safest way to tr...

Car seat safety the Maxi-Cosi way. Our mission is to support parents through all of their firsts as parents, and that includes your first drive home from hospital.
The Ultimate Guide to Baby and Child Car Seats in Australia
Safety April 22, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Baby and C...

In Australia, by law, all children up to the age of seven years should be seated in a suitable baby or child car seat when travelling in a car. But child safety is more than just following the law – there are many factors to consider when deciding what baby car seat to buy for your child, and when to move them up to the next level of baby car seat.
Our 3 top safety tips for travel
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Our 3 top safety tips for travel

How to travel safely? The world is waiting for you! People to see, places to go, things to see. Travelling with your child will always be an adventure, so follow these key safety tips, and then get ready to hit the road.
Maxi-Cosi Car Seats Saving Lives. Meet The McGlynn Family
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Maxi-Cosi Car Seats Saving Lives...

All it takes is a moment. On August 18, Tom and Kayleigh McGlynn were driving from Brisbane to Canberra with their two children in the car...
Maxi-Cosi Saving Lives
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Maxi-Cosi Saving Lives

The screeching of tyres, the imminent crash you know you are helpless to avoid; and the haze of those first few moments after impact. Can you imagine being involved in an accident with your newborn in the car?
Bringing your baby home safely
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Bringing your baby home safely

This is a day you will never forget – taking your new baby home for the first time. The shock of leaving the hospital unsupervised... as parents... with YOUR baby. You’ll be full of plans and looking forward to introducing the latest member of your family to everyone.
Car seat safety tips
Safety July 17, 2018

Car seat safety tips

Maxi-Cosi car seats are among the safest on the market, but you need to install them carefully and use them correctly. Read our safety tips for using your car seat.