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Valentine’s Day crafts with the kids
Parenting 5 February 2020

Valentine’s Day crafts with the kids

A quick Pinterest search will reveal an impressive selection of Valentine’s Day crafts you can do with the kids. From basic cards to crafts that verge on being masterpieces, you won’t be short of activities to do with the kids in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. If you are going to get crafty with your kids this Valentine’s Day, remember that craft is about exploring creativity and having fun! Enjoy the process and the time spent together, creating a special treasure with your little love. To get your creative hearts and juices flowing, here are 10 simple Valentine’s Day crafts you can whip up with your kids in no time at all.

Puzzle piece wreath

What do you do with those puzzles that are missing a piece or two? You save them up for Valentine’s Day and make an “I love you to pieces” puzzle piece wreath. You can paint the puzzle pieces so they fit a theme or leave them as is and then get the kids to stick them in place around a wreath shape. A piece of ribbon tied to the top is all you need to complete the piece.

Valentine's Wreath

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Fingerprint ornaments

 Finger Print

If you want a gorgeous little memento of your first Valentine’s Day as a family, a clay fingerprint ornament will do the trick. The beauty of these is that unlike painted or ink fingerprints, there is very little mess and it is very easy to press baby’s thumb into the dough to make the imprint. Once the ornament has dried you can paint the fingerprint(s) to bring the ornament to life. You could also turn these into magnets for the fridge and add to the collection each year.

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Ribbon scrap cards

Craft is the perfect way to upcycle… and this card uses scraps of ribbon to form the backdrop of the heart. All you need to do is cut the ribbon scraps to match the width of your card, get the kids to glue them in place and then glue your heart frame over the top. There will be excess glue used… but it will be worth it!

Ribbon Scrap Cards

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Handmade owl card

This handmade card couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve downloaded and printed the free template all you need to do is trace each element onto card stock, cut out and then glue together. If you have a budding artist on your hand, let them decorate with textas once the card is assembled or ask them to choose the colours for the card.

Owl Card

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Heart symmetry card

Do you remember doing squish or symmetry paintings when you were a kid? That is exactly the idea behind this card. Cut a heart-shaped piece of paper or cardstock, fold it in the middle and then reopen it. On one side of the heart, you pop dobs of paint and then gently close it, squishing it down to spread the paint. The result is very effective for what is a very simple craft.


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Heart wreath

Do you have a paper plate and some cardboard? Then you have everything you need to make a Valentine’s Day wreath. All you need to do is cut the centre out of the paper plate and then cut various hearts out of your cardboard. Glue the hearts around the edges of the paper plate and you have a cute little Valentine’s Day wreath to decorate your home with.

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Polka dot heart card

This is another very simple Valentine’s Day card that you can make with things you likely have at home. Start by cutting a heart shape from a piece of cardboard - even an old cereal box will do - and then tape this to the front of a card. Next, use paint to dab around the edges. Your kids can use a paintbrush, cotton wool or even their fingers if you are brave enough to clean up the extra mess! When you are finished and the paint is dry, remove the cardboard heart from the centre to reveal a gorgeous framed heart shape.

Polka Dot Card

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Toilet roll heart mouse

If you have a pile of empty toilet rolls you have been stashing in the craft box, this is your chance to use them. You will also need some heart-shaped stickers, googly eyes and some cardboard to create the whiskers and tail. The end result is so cute it will be nibbling at your heartstrings!


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I love you to pieces card

This one will keep the kids busy for a while and requires minimal input from you… so you can enjoy the end result! All you need to do is download and print the template and give it to the kids with a pile of cut up tissue paper and some glue. The rest is up to them. This is a really easy card to make - perfect for grandparents!

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Heart painted rocks

The success of this rock craft likely depends on the age of your children, but no matter their age they will still have fun! For younger children, you could paint the rocks a background colour and do coloured fingerprints on top. Older kids can certainly have some fun painting Valentine’s Day patterns on their rocks. 


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Whether you decide to keep it simple or opt for a more elaborate Valentine’s Day craft, being a parent and knowing how much you are loved truly is the most wonderful feeling in the world… and the beauty of having children is that you don’t have to wait until February 14 to celebrate it. Happy Valentine’s Day!