Travelling with your baby using a travel system
Style 23 December 2019

Travelling with your baby using a travel system

Oh, the places you'll go! The first time you venture out with your baby can be quite daunting. Not knowing what to pack, how to carry everything, how to juggle it all and what to do if your baby starts crying. Where do you even begin...?
Tips for travelling out and about with a baby
When it comes to heading out with a baby, we can all use all the help we can get! Here are a few of our best tips for getting out and about with your little one:

  • Pack your nappy bag the night before. Something will always come up in the morning - a baby spew on your freshly washed top or a last minute nappy change - don't risk forgetting the essentials and pack before you head out.
  • Use your pram storage to your advantage. When you are out and about know where you have placed things in your pram so you can easily reach for them. So you don't weigh down your nappy bag you might like to place a few nappies and wipes in a clutch that you can keep in the pram storage basket. Keep your water bottle in your pram cup holder and a change of clothes for baby in the storage pocket. However you use the pram storage, keep it consistent so you always know where things are.
  • Use a pram travel system. When you have a young baby, a travel system can be a lifesaver. It is flexible, easy to use and adaptable to your lifestyle needs.

Stroller travel systems explained

Successful adventures are so much easier to achieve with the right tools in your kit... starting with the right pram. Making that choice can be overwhelming for many parents, simply because the range of options is huge.

An excellent solution for travelling with your baby, but also for getting out and about on your daily adventures, a travel system allows you to clip your baby capsule into the stroller. A travel system can also be used as a stroller or pram, adjusting to the needs of your baby at each stage of their growth.

At Maxi-Cosi, we are committed to offering Australian families premium solutions that support their lifestyle and help them get out and about in style. The Zelia Urban Stroller & Lila Stroller are our adaptable travel systems with:

  • Reversible seat so baby can see you or watch the world go by
  • Multiple position recline
  • Suitable from newborn to approximately 4 years of age (20kg)
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry and fold
  • Baby stroller seat that converts to a bassinet
  • Two-click conversion to a travel system with a baby capsule
  • Large baby stroller basket
  • All-wheel suspension to ensure a smoother ride
  • 4 position height adjustable handle bar
  • Superior comfort, features and accessories
  • Duo configuration - Lila Stroller

Easy to use, removable baby capsule

Easily one of the best features of a travel system is the removable baby capsule. You purchase the baby capsule separately to give you even greater flexibility in making the travel system work for your family.

The key benefit of using your baby capsule with your stroller as a travel system is that you can easily transfer a sleeping baby from the car to the pram... and back again, without ever waking them up. Ideal for quick trips to the shops, doing the school run with older siblings and amazing travel adventures.

Convenient and flexible prams

Many parents prefer using a travel system because of the flexibility that it offers to essentially grow with their baby. You can click in the capsule, use the bassinet attachment or baby seat in both forward and rear-facing stroller positions.

Travel systems are designed to be lightweight, easy to fold and use. When you are trying to juggle a baby, nappy bag, and all of those other things that seem to come with a baby, a travel system is like an extra set of hands. Life is already complicated enough... and while a travel system can't help you with packing your nappy bag or changing a nappy, it can simplify how you get around while out and about with your baby.

Baby capsule hire options.

We understand the reality that babies grow very quickly... no sooner have you bought a baby capsule than you are making the switch to a convertible car seat because they have outgrown the capsule. And that's why we offer baby capsule hire to help parents flexibly manage the early stages of travel with their baby.

By hiring directly from Maxi-Cosi you have peace of mind that you have a full manufacturer's guarantee... and each baby capsule goes through a complete Maxi-Cosi refurbishment process and safety check after each hire.

We offer the Mico Plus, Australia's favourite baby capsule, with ISOFIX base for both three and six month hire periods. Hiring the capsule gives you a significant saving on purchasing and gives you the flexibility to use a travel system.

Travel system benefits
It's clear that the travel system has many benefits:

  • It is lightweight, compact and easy to fold
  • It offers you versatility in a way that other prams can't with the ability to connect your baby capsule to the stroller
  • It grows with your baby from newborn through to four years old
  • You can save money by hiring a baby capsule to use with your travel system
  • You can easily transfer a sleeping baby by lifting the baby capsule out of the car and clicking it into the pram without the risk of waking them up

A travel system doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on other features - Maxi-Cosi offer premium solutions for a range of family lifestyle needs. We are there with you from the moment you bring your precious bundle home from the hospital on all of the many outings and adventures you will have together. From walks to the park to road trips and jetting off around the world, the Maxi-Cosi travel system will get you there safely.