Maxi-Cosi Saving Lives
Safety 18 December 2018

Maxi-Cosi Saving Lives

Can you think of a more unimaginable moment as a parent?

The screeching of tyres, the imminent crash you know you are helpless to avoid; and the haze of those first few moments after impact.

Can you imagine being involved in an accident with your newborn in the car?

On January 17, the Leppers family were driving in Sydney’s Royal National Park. It was a bright warm summer’s day and they were returning from a delightful morning at the beach, when all of a sudden their worst nightmare became a reality.

Watch video below and relive the accident with the Leppers family

We first heard of this accident and the Leppers Family through our Maxi-Cosi Accident Exchange Program and the team were gripped by the tale. As a brand we pride ourselves on making safe, reliable mobility products that help parents keep their little ones safe, but it isn’t until we hear about stories like this one, that really drives our mission home.

After the accident Dad Gert, wrote an open letter to his Facebook community telling them about the accident and thanking all involved, including our team at Maxi-Cosi. 

The scene of the accident as supplied by the Caroline Leppers

Actual picture of accident as supplied by Gert Leppers.

Actual picture of accident as supplied by Gert Leppers.

Maxi-Cosi Brand Manager, Kura Antonello met with Caroline, Gert and Joris in Sydney and discussed why safety and innovative technology like AirProtect is so important for keeping children safe.

"Our Air Protect™ patented technology has redefined the meaning of side impact protection for our little ones. The technology is designed to draw the energy forces away from your childrens head in the instance of an accident. The safety of your child is our top priority, but so is your child’s comfort. The unique design acts like a soft cushion to absorb side impact crash forces, transferring the energy away from your child’s head."– Kura Antonello


We are happy to announce that Caroline is now well on the road to recovery, baby Joris is now out of his baby capsule and into his big boy seat, and father Gert, is still a devoted and proud dad. 

If you wish to understand how our Air ProtectTM technology works and why it saves lives then head into store, squeeze the headrest and feel the difference for yourself.

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