LUNA Pro Harnessed Booster Seat vs. Rodi AP Booster Seat: Product Comparison
Parenting 23 July 2019

LUNA Pro Harnessed Booster Seat vs. Rodi AP Booster Seat: Product Comparison

LUNA Pro Harnessed Booster Seat vs. Rodi AP Booster Seat: Product Comparison

The Australian Standards are pretty straightforward: the child has to ride on the back seat of the car in an appropriate car seat type until they are old enough to sit on their own and be able to be fastened with an in-built car seat belt. Booster seats are intended for children between the approximate ages of 4 and 8. They are designed to keep a child safe in the event of a crash, minimising the chances of injury and death. If parents don’t comply with the law, they are bound to face significant fines. For years, Maxi-Cosi booster seats have been saving the lives of children across Australia, as we offer an excellent price/quality ratio. All booster seats from our selection are designed to provide the highest level of safety and comfort while also offering durability. So how do you choose the best one for you? Maybe we can help you make a decision based on your individual preferences.

Luna Pro Harnessed Booster Seat

The Luna Pro Harnessed Booster Seat has rightfully earned the title as one of the safest and most practical booster seats on the market. This convertible booster seat is ideal for parents who don’t want to bother with purchasing a new car seat every few years. The Luna Pro provides unrivalled safety equally for children aged from 6 months old to children who are 8 years old. It comes at an affordable price in two colours: Volcanic Grey and Nomad Grey. The Luna Pro features a headrest with ‘Air Protect Superior Side Impact Technology’ that prevents your child’s head from injury caused by side impact. What sets it apart from other seats is its chin support, which is particularly practical for younger babies who need to have their head safely fixated in place. Owing to the 6-point harness, you can keep the child fully harnessed from their earliest age up to when they are 8 years old. Furthermore, with an innovative dual-action buckle and crotch adjustment, you can tighten the harness to fit a child of any age and size. No more retreading with the Luna Pro - the harness can be adjusted automatically in a few clicks. This particular model of a booster seat comes with ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric derived from bamboo charcoal which is designed to draw moisture away from the skin, allowing your child to breathe. This will especially come in handy during longer rides and on hot summer days. Do you tend to take your baby with you on long car rides? Then your child will appreciate the fact that the Luna Pro features 2 recline positions, enabling the baby to assume a more horizontal position when they want to take a nap. For more information, check out our website to learn more about the Luna Pro Harnessed Booster.

Rodi AP Booster Seat

The Rodi AP Booster Seat is appropriate for children aged between 4 and 8. We at Maxi-Cosi offer you the chance to purchase a new Rodi AP that features advanced technology that maximises child safety and comfort. With us, you can select any of the 4 colours - Nomad Blue, Nomad Black, Night Grey, and Cabernet.


Like the Luna Pro, the Rodi AP comes with ‘Air Protect Superior Side Impact Technology’ that, as its name suggests, protects the child from the impact that might come from the side by 50%. In addition to this, the seat comes with a 6-position headrest adjustment to allow you to keep the child’s head safe as they gradually outgrow their seat.

Comfort for a Growing Child

Aside from the 2-position recline that enables your child to take a nap during the ride, the Rodi AP features expandable side wings to keep your child comfortable as it grows. From the ages of 4 to 8, you can rest assured they will be riding comfortably in this booster seat, no matter how big they get, as it can be easily adjusted to fit them.

Easy Cleaning

The Rodi AP is designed with removable and machine washable covers. This way, no matter how much mess your child makes, you can take the fabric out, throw it into the washing machine and always have a clean seat for them to ride in.

For more information, check out our website to learn more about the Rodi AP Booster Seat.

Bottom line

Note that both of these seats come with a Maxi-Cosi lifetime warranty. Rips, tears and burns are not covered by the warranty, however, we are more than happy to repair the damage or provide a spare part at a fair price. The warranty covers manufacturing defects when the booster seat is used in accordance with the manual. At Maxi-Cosi we will repair or replace the products for free. As our customer, you can also rely on our accident exchange service. Namely, if you’ve been in an accident with one of our seats, you can contact us to replace it with a new one. Even if there’s no evident damage, it’s quite likely that the seat doesn’t provide the same level of safety as before the crash. Always choose only the best for your child. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have any additional questions regarding these two booster seats, or if you want to hear more about some other seats we have to offer.