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How a double stroller can make your life easier
Parenting 17 February 2020

How a double stroller can make your life easier

Whether you’re expecting one or two little additions to your family, you may be asking yourself if a twin or duo double stroller is worth the investment. Will it be the best decision for your lifestyle and budget? For your family, choosing a duo stroller could make your life a lot easier. Let’s face it, that’s the objective for most parents! We want to save time and make our day-to-day activities as stress-free and easy as possible so that we have more time and energy to enjoy our babies.

What is a double stroller?

Double strollers and prams allow two babies to travel at the same time, either side by side or inline. For families who are expecting twins or bringing a new baby into their existing young family, duo strollers can help them to travel easily with both children when out and about. The double strollers of the past may have been overly bulky, heavy and difficult to manoeuvre but these days, many are a similar specification to a single. However, they can tick multiple boxes for families with…multiples! If you’re expecting a new baby when you already have a toddler in tow, you could either invest in a double stroller or wear your new baby in a carrier while you push your toddler in their existing stroller. If you’re watching your budget or not ready to switch your stroller for a new model, this could be the option for you. It would certainly work for quick errands and trips. However, your back might not thank you if you’re planning to do this for the long term and for long periods of time. If you’re expecting twins and haven’t yet purchased a stroller, a double stroller might be your best choice from the get-go. When a double stroller might make life easier:

1. If you’re expecting multiples If twins are on the way, investing in a double stroller in advance will put your mind at ease. Our Dana for2 stroller is the perfect option for newborns and toddlers to travel in comfort and style! It’s a roomy, yet easy-to-steer stroller that also includes adapters to clip on Mico capsules during the newborn months. By selecting a double stroller that is suitable for two newborn babies, you’ll have a safe and comfy place for them to travel from day one. From the day you leave the hospital, to your first medical appointments and walks around the neighbourhood, both babies will be able to travel safely, near each other.

2. If your little ones are close in age If you’re expecting your first baby but plan for a second in the next few years, you might choose to invest in a duo stroller as your first purchase. This will save the need to ‘upgrade’ later and could save you money in the long term by allowing you to continue to use your existing stroller. If you’re expecting baby two, and baby one still travels in a stroller, it makes sense to push them in the same one. Our Lila Stroller, developed in collaboration with paediatricians, has been carefully designed for supreme travel comfort for babies and toddlers.The ShapeOfYou newborn inlay is an ergonomic memory foam cocoon inlay that reduces space around the child's body, providing the ultimate feeling of security. It also reduces pressure under the child's head, helping to prevent flat-head syndrome. A baby carrier for your new bundle of joy could certainly work well for quick trips but practically, having a safe seat for both of your babies will be easier on you.

3. You’re planning to use the stroller often Whether you’re an active parent who enjoys taking walks or jogging as you push your babies, a double stroller can help you retain that active lifestyle. They can be manoeuvred easily onto public transport and many can fold compactly to be stored in a car boot too. If you’re unsure if your car can accommodate a double stroller, we recommend measuring it and checking the sizing specifications of any double strollers you are considering. You could also pop into a store to ‘test drive’ the stroller before you buy. See how easy it is to fold down and if it will then easily fit into your car or home. Check the width of the stroller and practice steering to give yourself an idea of how easily it will fit into your lifestyle when you’re getting out and about. Check how heavy it is to carry, fold up and down and move up and down curbs.

4. You would like your babies to be near each other We want to be as close as possible to our new babies and it gives them just as much reassurance to know that we’re nearby. The same goes for multiples and siblings! Double strollers allow babies and toddlers to sit side by side, or inline. They can keep an eye on each other, as well as you, for added peace of mind.

5. If your current stroller doesn’t accommodate two children Some single strollers have the ability to adapt to carrying two children, although not all. The Maxi-Cosi Lila Stroller is a lovely example of one that does! With the addition of the Duo Kit, this clever stroller adjusts to nine different positions, to accommodate two children. It isn’t always convenient or safe to have your first child walk while you push the new baby in their stroller. The double stroller will mean you can keep them both together, within arms’ reach. No wrangling a toddler with one arm as you push your newborn with the other! If you’re planning to take your children out together on walks to the park, day trips and the like, a double stroller is a great option to give them both a comfortable and safe way to travel and make your life easier too. Let’s not forget, having two children can often add to the items you’ll need to carry in your nappy bag while you’re out and about and you will probably be grateful for the additional hold space in your double stroller’s basket! Adding a new baby to a young family can mean big changes but a double stroller can make traveling with two babies just as convenient as with one.

You can find out more about the Maxi-Cosi range of strollers here.