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TRVLR Car Seat Travel Package

Newborn to 4 years approx

Exclusive to Baby Bunting, the Maxi-Cosi TRVLR is the epitome of European styling, comfort, and safety. Designed for rearward facing for up to 30 months, with advanced safety features including GCELL, and Air Protect Side Impact Protection, the Maxi-Cosi TRVLR offers a new level of baby comfort with our bamboo wicking fabric.
Looking for the best car seats in Baby Bunting? Ask for Maxi-Cosi.

  • Cool Baby Wicking Fabric
  • GCell Technology
  • ISOFIX compatible
  • Adjustable recline
  • Adjustable Headrest


Product Details

Maxi-Cosi TRVLR 

  • Maxi-Cosi TRVLR bundle exclusive to Baby Bunting
  • TRVLR convertible car seat is suitable for newborns up to 4 years of age
  • Peace of mind safety with patented Air Protect® and GCELL® 3D mesh fabric
  • Luxurious bamboo wicking fabric to keep your baby comfortable and cozy
  • Magnetic harness holders make your life easy by keeping harnesses out of the way 
  • 5 adjustable headrest positions optimized for your child’s comfort 

Deluxe Seat Protector:

  • Premium car seat protector protects your vehicle’s upholstery from marks and mess
  • Handy mesh storage pocket to easily store items
  • Machine washable makes life and cleaning easier

Deluxe Car Seat Mirror:

  • Quality, extra-large mirror reflects a head-to-toe view of your baby in a rearward 
    facing mode, at any angle.
  • Simple to install with adjustable straps, allowing easy installation to the rear vehicle headrest

Deluxe Car Sunshade:

  • Quality car sunshade for kids blocks 90%+ of UV A & UV B rays protection
  • Simple installation over the entire door frame for maximum coverage and reduces sun glare while not restricting doors and windows from normal operation
  • sun glare while not restricting doors and windows from normal operation

Tech Specs

Maxi-Cosi Euro Plus Car Seats Product Weight: 7.3kg
Maxi-Cosi Euro Plus Car Seat Box Weight: 9kg
Maxi-Cosi Euro Plus Car Seat Front view Dimensions: 63-75cm x 46 cm wide
Maxi-Cosi Euro Plus Car Seats Box Dimensions: 48 x 46.6 x 67.5 cm
Maxi-Cosi Euro Plus Car Seat Side Dimension: 49cm

Included Features

We've made traveling with your children in comfort, style and safety a breeze

euro plus baby car seat

Air Protect Side Impact Protection

Innovative Air Protect® Superior Side Impact Protection keeps your baby safe

euro TRVLR baby car seat quickfit harness

Safety Shield

Our innovative safety shield provides superior comfort via integrating our patented Air Protect and GCELL

eruo plus car seat magentic harness

Adjustable headrest

5 position adjustable headrest positions to accommodate your growing child

euro plus car seat 3d mesh fabric

Complementary accessories

Genuine car seat accessories to complement your Maxi-Cosi car seat

The Maxi-Cosi Advantage

Air Protect technology

Air Protect Technology

The unique design acts like a soft cushion to absorb side impact crash forces, transferring the energy away from your child's head.

Feel the Difference

lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Taking care of families is what Maxi-Cosi service is all about. That's why we want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible.

Register Your Car Seat

accident exchange service - maxi-cosi

Accident Exchange Service

Our Accident Exchange Program helps consumers having their damaged car seat replaced after a car accident.

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Euro Plus Car seats GCell technology enhance full body protection

GCELL Tecnology

gcell techology

What is GCELL?
GCELL sets a new standard in child restraint technology
As the next generation of side impact protection, GCell takes what works in nature and applies it to child safety.
The beauty of GCell’s design lies in the simplicity of the hexagonal shapes that work together to generate a wall of strength under great compression.
GCell's patented technology uses high performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that lines the entire outside of your child’s car seat shell and acts as a crumple zone for your car seat. This helps to greatly reduce crash forces much like the bumper does for your car.
An innovation in structural design, GCell is light, flexible, strong and fit for purpose.

GCELL is a proven next generation crash absorbing technology that reduces side impact forces by 75%. It provides a crumple zone for enhanced full body protection.

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Euro Plus Car Seat - Features
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Euro Plus Car Seat - Features
Advanced safety with GCELL (Natures own defence geometry), and Air Protect head protection, the Euro Plus is your best defence in the instance of an accident.
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