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4 reasons why you should consider investing in a travel system

1. Travel Systems take care of you, and the baby
Travel systems are the #1 most important purchase we would recommend any new or experienced parent purchase, to make their parenting life easier.

2. Enjoy your lifestyle, on the move in complete safety
Enjoy easy transitions from home into the car, traveling in safety with your baby in Australia’s #1 baby capsule brand, and then when you arrive, simply unclip, and click into your Maxi-Cosi stroller for your day’s exciting adventures

3. No awkward driveway dates
Imagine this scenario, your baby is settled in the car, you’re arriving home late after visiting friends, you pull up in your driveway – With a Maxi-Cosi baby capsule you can simply unclip the capsule and without disturbing your baby take them off straight to bed

4. Make the most of your investments.
Having a stroller or a baby capsule separately doesn’t make sense, it’s like Batman not having Robin to help, whereas together, they make an amazing team that can conquer any adventure.



What is a travel system pram?
A travel system pram is suitable to be used with adaptors to carry a baby capsule. Maxi-Cosi is the #1 name in baby capsules and highly recommends travel systems for parents
Are travel systems safe for newborns?
Absolutely, travel systems typically use Maxi-Cosi Mico baby capsules (Australia’s #1 Baby capsule) and have a variety of options from low birthweight newborn all the way to approximately 12 months
Are baby travel systems worth it?
Absolutely without doubt. Whether for a first child or your second with a toddler in tow, you will find a travel system with a Mico baby capsule will make parenting significantly easier.
How do I choose a baby travel system?
Start with the Baby capsule as this is the most important safety related component. Maxi-Cosi Mico is the #1 baby capsule and rated #1 by canstar also. Then of course we recommend a travel system compatible stroller of which Maxi-Co beuid to seamlessly integrate our own. You will also find many leading stroller brands seek to make their strollers compatible with the Maxi-Cosi baby capsules specifically due to the strength of our reputation. WARNING: Ensure stollers and capsules are certified.

Maxi-Cosi Travel Systems: All you need to know

Shopping for a Travel system pram and baby capsule? It’s tempting to buy the stroller first right? However, the most important safety component is undoubtedly the baby capsule itself and should be the primary purchase as this keeps your baby safe in the event of a car accident. Luckily Maxi-Cosi is the #1 baby capsule brand in the world and produces a huge range of stylish baby capsules and...

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