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    Newborn to 4 years approx
    Buy 2 & Save - Nova LX
    Buy 2 & Save - Nova LX

    The NEW Maxi-Cosi Nova LX convertible car seat is the start of new adventures for you and your family.

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    Newborn to 4 years approx
    Baby Car Seat Euro Slim Jet Black
    Euro Slim Car Seat

    Maxi-Cosi Euro Slim convertible car seat suitable for newborns from 0-4 years. Super compact and ideal for 3 across installations. Safety, style, and, slim 

    $369.00 $549.00
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    Newborn to 4 years approx
    Baby Car Seat Euro Plus Nomad Blue
    Euro Plus Car Seat

    Maxi-Cosi Euro Plus convertible car seat is suitable for newborn babies to 4 years. Exclusive to baby bunting insist on #1 Canstar-rated Maxi-Cosi baby car seats when shopping in-store. 

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Invest in Australia's award winning car seat.

Air Protect® is the legally patented safety system you can trust. and used in all Maxi Cosi car seats. Air Protect® has been proven to reduce side impact forces by up to 75%. Additionally, all Maxi-Cosi convertible car seats offer extended rearward facing for up to 30 months to ensure that your baby is travelling in a safer, more protected position for longer. Maxi Cosi invented the first baby car seat and we have been leading ever since.

2. Award-winning
Maxi-Cosi is proud to be an award-winning car seat brand. We don’t aim to win awards, we aim to make the very best car seats, however, we are very proud to be recognised by Good Design Australia for outstanding design and innovative design of our Vita car seat.

3. Luxurious Comfort
The comfort of your child is important for a safe journey. Our team work closely together to ensure premium fabrics and additional padding is used to create a comfortable travel experience. Luxurious bamboo wicking fabric covers the seat to provide cooling properties for your child. Additional padding and premium embellishments deliver a comfortable travel experience for your baby.

4. Australian designed, engineered and tested
Our Australian engineers and designers incorporate local and global Maxi Cosi safety technology, including Air Protect® and GCELL®. Testing of all car seats is performed locally in Melbourne and Sydney as well as in global labs to ensure our car seats pass all Australian requirements. Designed by Australians, for Australian conditions


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Happy Parents

"It was a decision between the Britax graphene and the Maxi-Così Vita Pro, best decision I have made, choosing the vita pro with safety features and looks good "
Sabrina, Sydney, NSW
"I am onto my fourth child and have been through a few car seats in my time. I love this car seat as every little detail has been thought of to make it comfortable for our baby and enjoyable to use as a parent."
Rosie H, Melbourne, VIC
"This car seat saved my son's life. I was in a horrible car accident earlier this year. We were rear-ended at a high-speed and this car seat saved my son's life. My Maxi-Cosi car seat was left in fantastic condition, car was a total write-off. I cannot recommend this enough!!!!"
Miranda, Perth, WA


What is a convertible car seat?
A convertible car seat is typically known as a newborn to approx 4 years of age car seat that is complied to the Australian standards to work in both rearward facing and forward facing modes. Maxi-Cosi convertible car seats offer extended rearward facing for up to 30 months.
When can a baby face forward in a car seat in Australia?
Legally, your baby can be forward-facing from 6 months of age or when they have reached the first forward-facing height market however, we recommend that your child remain rearward facing for as long as possible to ensure the best protection for your child. All our convertible car seats are designed with extended rearward facing ability up to 30 months of age.
How do i know when my child has out grown their seat?
The progression from baby capsules, convertible car seats, harnessed or unharnessed booster seats are different for every child and covered by legal requirements as well as Australian standards. For this purpose, we recommend you contact our customer care team and we will discuss your personal circumstances in detail. We are here to support you.
What do I do if my child slouches down or to the side in the car seat?
There’s an easy fix here. Roll up a blanket and place them on both sides of your child. This will help prevent your small child from slouching in their seat by providing a little extra padding. Do not place the padding behind the child unless it is specifically stipulated by the manufacturer.
How do I choose a car seat?
There are many factors to choosing the right car seat. Price, safety, comfort and of course a trusted brands support. Maxi-Cosi excels across all of these and offers a lifetime warranty and award winning customer satisfaction as rated by Canstar®. Feel free to chat online or call our customer care team, who are unbiased experts and will guide you through some tips and considerations to find the perfect car seat.

Choosing a car seat for your baby can be a daunting experience, but we have the answers - Award-winning Maxi-Cosi car seats luxurious comfortgive you quality car seats, local support and amazing safety, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Our range of convertible baby car seats is the perfect solution for parents wanting the safety of extended rearward facing to 30 months , keeping your child safer for longer.

Offering superior head protection for your baby through the use of patented safety devices such as Air ProtectTM and the innovation of side impact protection such as GCELL and Safety Shield, with Maxi-Cosi you can feel the difference., We have your child’s safety taken care of.

All of our baby car seats are easy to use and easy to install, featuring belt path or ISOFIX installation.

Your child will love the comfort of a Maxi-Cosi car seat, and as they grow; our easy-to-see height markers will enable you to decide to move from a rearward-facing position to forward-facing when the time is right. The option of up to 30 months of extended rearward facing mode is a huge benefit when purchasing our car seats. The convertible car seat then can be used in the forward-facing position until the shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker, (approximately 4 years of age).


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