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    Extension Straps 600mm
    Extension Straps 600mm

    Our Maxi-Cosi Child Restraint Extension Straps 600mm gives you the ability to add extra length to the anchor strap of your Maxi-Cosi Car Seat.

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    Extension Straps 300mm
    Extension Straps 300mm

    Extension Strap 300mm gives you the ability to add extra length to the anchor strap of your Maxi-Cosi Car Seat or capsule tether

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Reasons to buy a Maxi-Cosi Booster seat

Protective technology advances quickly, and what was considered safe five or ten years ago may be completely superseded today. At Maxi-Cosi, we’re renowned globally for our innovative safety technology and features, including our globally patented Air Protect®. This first-in-class safety feature reduces the severity of side impact crash forces by absorbing and redirecting impact energy away from your child’s head. It also actively slows your child’s movement, ensuring a gentler, softer landing in the event of a collision.

We don’t hide our safety features – every Maxi-Cosi booster seat combines world-class safety and ingenuitive design, culminating in a safe, stylish and comfortable seat for your child. All Maxi-Cosi booster seats are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards and rigorously tested for safety. We guarantee product quality completely with the option of a lifetime warranty.

With machine-washable fabrics, easy installation, and intuitive, user-friendly features, it’s never been easier to ensure your child’s safety and comfort on the road. Our Australian designers and engineers spend countless hours refining our booster seats to ensure optimal usability and safety, making our seats comfortable for your little one and a breeze for you.

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Happy Parents

"Our little guy loves his new big boy car seat! We had to upgrade our toddler to a bigger seat and found this seat to be roomy and very comfortable for him."
Meagan, Sydney, NSW
"Fantastic Service and Product. Easy online ordering system, correct description of product, quick delivery, and good price for value of product. "
Kathryn, Melbourne, VIC
"My child has told me the seat is very comfortable, which is a win! I love the very adjustable headrest, it can be easily adjusted It was very easy to install"
Amanda, Perth, WA


What is a booster seat?
A booster seat is a child safety seat designed to elevate the child to the correct height to use an adult seatbelt. There are both harnessed and unharnessed booster seats: an unharnessed booster seat is suitable for children aged from 4 years old through to approximately 8 years of age, while harnessed booster seat cater to a broader age range from 12 months of age to 8 years of age.

Our car seat experts are available online or via phone to answer any specific questions you may have about choosing the right booster seat for your child.
What is the difference between a booster seat and a car seat?
A car seat is typically a convertible car seat, suitable for newborns up to approximately 4 years of age. A harnessed booster is used for children from 6 months up to approximately 8 years of age, fully harnessed. Maxi-Cosi recommends keeping your baby rearward facing for as long as possible (up to 30 months in a Maxi-Cosi convertible car seat). A booster seat is used for children from 4 years of age to approximately 8 years of age with the use of a lap sash seatbelt.
When can a child stop using a booster seat?
A booster seat should be used until a child is 8 years of age or until the uppermost height marker has been reached in accordance with the owner's manual instructions and local law.
How do I choose a booster seat/what to look for in a booster seat?
Price, safety and comfort are key considerations and compliance are all important factors to consider when choosing a kid’s booster seat.

WARNING: Many booster seats available in Australia do not meet Australian standards. All Maxi-Cosi Booster seats are Australian Standards compliant.
Should my child sit in the front or back seat?
Children aged 4 years old to under 7 years old can only sit in the front seat if all the back seats are taken by other passengers under 7 years old.

If your vehicle does not have a back seat (e.g. a ute) they can travel in the front seat if they are in a child restraint as long as the airbags are deactivated. Please check your vehicle manual for requirements.
How do I use a forward-facing car seat?
Forward facing car seats can be used for children aged from 6 months to approximately 8-years-old. Maxi-Cosi recommends that a forward-facing seat is used from 12months of age. When using a forward-facing car seat, it must:

  • be securely installed in the car seat with the seat belt.
  • have its top tether strap attached to the vehicle anchor point.
  • have an inbuilt harness adjusted to the needs of the child.

    When adjusting the harness to your child, the straps must come out of the slots just above their shoulders. If the straps are more than 25mm below your child's shoulders, you will need to move the straps to a higher slot. You can refer to your user manual or call our customer service team if you need further assistance.

    Once your child’s shoulders have reached the top height marker, you will need to move your child to a booster seat or conduct a 5-point test to see if they are able to sit in a car without a car seat.

    When using a booster seat, it must:

  • have its top tether strap attached to the vehicle anchor point.
  • Ensure your child meets the entry level height markers
  • What safety features should I consider when choosing a booster seat?
    Booster seats are held in place by the child’s own body and the vehicle's lap-sash seat belt. A child can be injured in a crash if the seat belt is not properly adjusted.

    Check that the sash of the seat belt crosses your child's shoulder and does not touch their neck. The sash guide on the booster seat can be adjusted to prevent this. Booster seats, like our Rodi, have built-in lap-sash guides that will help you perfectly position the lap-sash on your child. Lap sash section of the seat belt should sit across your child’s hips and not on their abdomen.

    It's important to remember that you must attach the top tether to your car anchor point when you use a booster seat.

    Choose a booster seat with an expandable headrest so you can adjust the height of the booster seat as your child grows.

    Booster Seats Australian Parents Trust for Maximum Care and Comfort

    Maxi-Cosi booster seats are a popular choice for growing Australian families. Before buying a booster seat, it’s important to understand that Australian standards for booster seats have changed significantly over the years, with many older-style seats now not compliant in the Australian market...

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