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Rodi Booster Seat

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Maxi-Cosi's RODI AP is a booster seat suitable for your child from approx 4 years of age through to 8 years. When we say we love the Rodi we are not kidding, it’s the most used booster seat for our children. The Rodi seems to blend the perfect combination of safety, style, and oh so easy installation It’s a dream to use. The Rodi has Air Protect®, this is a feature we strongly recommend, you can not only feel the difference, it is a patented safety technology that works. Additionally, the world’s first advancements in booster seat technology, such as two-position recline and expandable side wings, are to take care of children of all sizes.  

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Product Details

  • Rodi booster seat is suitable for children from approx 4 years to 8 years of age
  • Impressive, patented safety with Air Protect® side impact technology 
  • Expandable side wings, to easily accommodate your growing child
  • Recline for comfort with 2 positions sitting and 1 relaxing position
  • Easy installation with clear belt guidance. So simple. 
  • Luxurious bamboo wicking fabric keeps your child cool and comfortable
  • Easy one-handed adjustment for 6 headrest positions
  • Machine washable cover  

Tech Specs

Rodi AP Booster Car Seat Weight: 4.9kg
Rodi AP Booster Car Seat Box Weight: 6.8kg
Rodi AP Booster Car Seat Front View Dimensions: 70-78cm height x 47cm wide
Rodi AP Booster Car Seat Side View Dimensions: 44cm Wide
Rodi AP Booster Car Seat Box Dimensions: 50x40x72cm

Included Features

We've made traveling with your children in comfort, style and safety a breeze

Maxi-Cosi Rodi Booster seat in various inclined positions

Two position recline

Two recline positions for sleeping and upright positions.

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rodi booster seat - expandable wings

Expandable Side Wings

Expandable side wings to accommodate your growing child

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rodi booster seat - headrest adjustments

Headrest Adjustments

6 positions to grow with your child up to 8 years of age.

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rodi booster seat - vibration dampener

Headrest Vibration Dampener

Offers extra stability to reduce movement of seat when not in use.

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The Maxi-Cosi Advantage

toddler booster seat with air protect

Air Protect Technology

The unique design acts like a soft cushion to absorb side impact crash forces, transferring the energy away from your child's head.

Feel the Difference

child booster seat - lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Taking care of families is what Maxi-Cosi service is all about. That's why we want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible.

Register Your Booster Seat

booster seat - accident exchange

Accident Exchange Program

Our Accident Exchange Program helps consumers having their damaged car seat replaced after a car accident.

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cool baby wicking fabric

Cool Baby Wicking Fabric
cool baby fabric explanation

Maxi-Cosi car seats feature unique Cool BabyTM Wicking fabric that draws moisture away from your baby’s skin, allowing air to flow in, keeping baby cool and comfortable.


Derived from Bamboo Charcoal, our Cool BabyTM Wicking Fabric ensures a comfy and dry ride each and every journey.


Cool BabyTM Wicking Fabric is featured on the majority of our car seats and strollers.


Cool Baby wicking fabric allows air to flow in and draws moisture away from your baby's skin. Keeping your baby dry and comfy.

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