Six ways to make baby’s first Christmas a memorable one
Parenting 12 December 2019

Six ways to make baby’s first Christmas a memorable one

Christmas truly does take on a new meaning when you have your own special little person to celebrate the festive season with. Suddenly, the magic of Christmas comes alive as you start to see the wonder of the season through their eyes, filled with wonder and excitement.

Baby’s first Christmas is an especially wonderful time as you introduce them to old family traditions and even start new ones of your own. While every Christmas is a memorable one when there are kids involved, you will never have baby’s first Christmas again. Here are six ways to make it memorable.

Take a photo with Santa

There isn’t much sweeter than seeing a tiny sleeping baby in Santa’s arms. If you have a very newborn baby at Christmas time, you might be lucky enough to get one of these special shots… but be warned, this may be the last happy Santa photo you get for a few years!

As babies get closer to the age of one, Santa photos can become a bit of a battle. This phase can last until they are three or four years old when they start to understand more about Santa. If your baby is approaching their first birthday, don’t worry because a good Santa/photographer team combination will be able to work around whatever your little one throws at them. 

Having their parents join them in the photo is usually enough to calm a child down, so to be on the safe side, plan to be in the photo with your baby. It’s a lovely memory to have anyway and if it’s a tradition you continue, you are guaranteed of at least one quality family photo every year.

Start a new family Christmas tradition

The wonderful thing about having children of your own is that you can build your own family traditions… and what better time to start than Christmas!

While your little one might be too young to remember their first Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can’t start your family traditions early. Here are a few ideas:

  • Attend carols by candlelight

  • Decorate a gingerbread house

  • Adopt an Elf on the Shelf

  • Walk/drive around your local area looking at Christmas lights

  • Write an annual Christmas letter to your baby to give them when they are older

  • Make handprint ornaments using salt dough

  • Leave milk and cookies out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer (or “reindeer food” made from mixing oats and glitter)

  • Make handmade cards or wrapping for family and friends

  • Watch a Christmas movie together on Christmas Eve

Christmas traditions don’t need to be complex or difficult. Simple is best. Sometimes traditions will start out of the blue with no intention or meaning… and those are often the best ones!

Go all out on the Christmas theming

Christmas is the one time of year when it is totally acceptable to be a little bit extra… especially when you have a baby!  Go all out with matching pyjamas, Christmas lights, Christmas shaped pancakes for breakfast, Christmas carols playing every day. 

Baby’s first Christmas is a really special one for the whole family so make the most of it. It really is the most magical time of the year.

Start your Christmas book collection

While babies, especially young ones, are more interested in tearing the pages of books than they are about reading them, as they get older, books will become a big part of your daily routine and something special to share as a family.

There are so many gorgeous Christmas books available, so why not start a collection that you can add to each year? As the years go on, you will share many happy memories reading those books together each Christmas.

For babies, start with a board book or soft book so they can avoid the temptation of ripping those pages. Pop a message in the front cover each year and maybe one day your baby will be reading those very same Christmas book with their own baby!

Mark the occasion with an ornament

Your baby’s first Christmas is one you will always remember. Each year as you decorate the Christmas tree and you pull out the baby’s first Christmas ornament, you will be reminded of those wonderful baby days with your little one.

These days you can get so many personalised Christmas decorations with your baby’s name or birth dates on them, not just the standard “baby’s first Christmas” baubles. You might even like to personalise a decoration yourself with baby’s hand or footprints - try a practice run first though, never underestimate how hard it is to create a paint footprint using a baby’s foot!

Limit your own stress

If you have already experienced the joy of your baby starting to roll or crawl, you will know that nothing is safe with a little person on the move. Whether you have reached this stage yet or it may happen in the weeks leading up to Christmas, limit your stress by keeping all of your special/breakable/glass ornaments out of reach.

You may have seen those Christmas trees that are only decorated on the top half… that’s to stop little fingers from grabbing the decorations at the bottom. It’s not worth the stress and worry to be chasing your baby around to stop them grabbing things they shouldn’t be. And it will be a whole lot more memorable for you all when you can look back with happy memories rather than stressful ones.

Merry Christmas from Maxi-Cosi

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So, from our Maxi-Cosi family to yours, Merry Christmas. Enjoy every moment of this very special occasion.