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  1. Very easy hassle-free hire process. Online booking was easy and the capsule arrived right on schedule looking brand new. Appreciated the helpful email videos and tips too in the early days and looking forward to taking up the free trial of a car seat.

  2. Easy process, amazing car seat and great customer support.

  3. So far I have been very impressed. I believe my capsule was brand new! It’s been very handy to clip into my bugaboo pram and customer service is excellent.

  4. Capsule arrived in perfect condition and got through to the help line right away when we had a question.

  5. Great

98% of 100

When hiring your baby capsule with Maxi-Cosi, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are dealing directly with the brand that has safely carried over 50 million babies home from the hospital. In fact, our Mico is Australia's most popular baby capsule.

Not only do our hire capsules have the manufacturer guarantee, but they each go through our stringent Maxi-Cosi refurbishment process and all capsules are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized professionally, for your complete peace of mind.

Being a safety leader in this car seat category and proudly boasting a satisfaction rating of 96%^ you can rest assured that when you rent a baby capsule from Maxi-Cosi that your baby is traveling in safety, comfort, and style.

Hire our Mico plus baby capsule in three easy steps: (Currently we offer baby capsule hire in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia (Not available in WA and NT regions)

  1. Choose your desired hire period - 3 months or 6 months
  2. Choose the date you would like us to despatch your baby capsule to your chosen address
  3. Click on the book now and complete your checkout process. 

Australia Post is experiencing significant delays during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a result of limited flights in Australia, social distancing and an increase in the volume of parcels. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for delivery. Please note that all items are dispatched from Melbourne, Victoria


*Additional fees may apply
^Based upon customer satisfaction responses.

Hiring from Maxi-Cosi is easy

Why hire from Maxi-Cosi
Why hire from Maxi-Cosi
Play video
How to Hire your Maxi Cosi Mico
How to Hire your Maxi Cosi Mico
Play video
Why I love my Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus
Why I love my Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus
Play video
What’s in the Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus box
What’s in the Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus box
Play video
Installing my Mico Plus Using ISOFIX
Installing my Mico Plus Using ISOFIX
Play video
Installing my Mico Plus Using the seatbelt
Installing my Mico Plus Using the seatbelt
Play video
Attaching my Mico capsule onto the base
Attaching my Mico capsule onto the base
Play video
Removing my Mico capsule from the car
Removing my Mico capsule from the car
Play video
Where is the top anchor point in my car
Where is the top anchor point in my car
Play video
Adjusting your Mico base to recline
Adjusting your Mico base to recline
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the hiring process work?

We have made this process super easy, (because who has time to labor on capsule hire when you are expecting, right?) You can hire a baby capsule in six simple steps.

1. Select your ideal length of hire 3 months or 6 months
2. Select the date you would like the baby capsule to be dispatched to your selected home or office address.
3. Click on the book now button and complete your hire order online. 
4. Your order is then placed, and your baby capsule will be shipped on the date chosen during check-out.
5. You easily install your baby capsule into your vehicle with our step by step video guide.
6. Return your baby capsule at the end of your hire via Australia Post, simply go on to 'My Subscription' in your online account and click on the 'Return baby capsule' button. Drop off your baby capsule at your nearest Australia Post outlet.

Can I hire more than one baby capsule?

Yes, of course, you can. Just click on the book now button more than once or adjust the quantity at the checkout.

Can I hire an additional baby capsule base?

Additional bases are available for sale on our website. You can purchase accessories from us when you hire your baby capsule.

Can I purchase the baby capsule I hired?

Unfortunately you are unable to purchase the baby capsule you have hired. You are required to return back the baby capsule at the end of your lease

Can I extend my baby car seat hire period?

Yes, you can extend your hire period on a monthly basis. Your hire period is automatically extended on a month to month basis when you do not return your baby capsule at the end of your lease. 

Can I hire for a shorter period than 3 months?

Currently, the minimum hire period is 3 months.

Can I hire the baby seat for a shorter period than 6 months but more than 3 months?

Yes, you can. If you want to hire for 4 months or 5 months, then choose your hire period to be 3 months. Your hire period will automatically extend on a monthly basis when you do not return your baby capsule at the end of your hire period.

How are capsules cleaned between hires?

Every returned capsule undergoes Maxi-Cosi's Refurbish certification process, which includes steam sterilisation, disinfecting and cleaning of the shell as well as the trims.

Can I install the baby capsule myself?

Yes, of course, we absolutely encourage that! Child restraints are designed and manufactured with a view that any parent can install them, with the help of an instruction manual. During our Maxi-Cosi hire process, you will be guided to safely install your baby capsule with our easy installation support videos and guides. Please always feel free to contact us too!

It's a simple 5 step process:

1. Recline your capsule base to the optimum. highest position.
2. Choose your installation method, either using ISOFIX or your very own lap-sash seat belt.
3. Easily connect the capsule to the base by aligning the slots of the capsule.
4. Attach the top tether strap to the anchor point in your vehicle.
5. Loosen the top tether strap using the adjuster, and unhook the top tether strap from the loop section.

Please check out our installation videos above in the video section to see how a Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus baby capsule can be easily installed in a car. If you need any further assistance or are confused don't worry, we are here to help and guide you. Please feel free to call us, email us, or message us on Facebook.

Can I use a professional fitter to install a baby capsule?

Yes, you can hire an authorised restraint fitter,  however, it's at your discretion and cost.

What if the baby capsule does not fit in my car?

in the rare occurrence your car is not suitable for our baby capsules, please contact us. We suggest you refer to your car's instruction manual. 

The top tether doesn't reach the anchor point?

In some vehicles, the anchorage point may be located in the boot floor or right at the end in the ceiling and you may require an additional extension, please ensure that you purchase the extension strap during checkout. The extensions straps are available in two (300mm or 600 mm) standard sizes, the extension is not adjustable and it's the customer's responsibility to order the appropriate strap length.     

What is the difference between ISOFIX and non ISOFIX installation?

The difference between ISOFIX compatibility and NON-ISOFIX compatibility is the method of installation. Please note that ISOFIX installation is only for use in cars with ISOFIX connections. To confirm if your car is ISOFIX compatible, please consult the car’s handbook or owner's manual. 

Is it safer to install with the ISOFIX method or the lap-sash method?

Both methods are equally as safe when installed correctly. Please follow the installation instructions in your child restraint’s instruction manual.

Can you deliver it to my state?

We currently deliver our baby capsules for hire to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and Tasmania. We regularly provide baby capsules for hire in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout the states listed.

When can you deliver the baby capsule?

The baby capsule will be despatched on the start date chosen at the time of your order i.e. if you have chosen 12 November to be your start date, we will despatch your baby capsule on 12 November. Please allow 4-5 business days (or more depending upon your location) for Australia Post to deliver your baby capsule at the chosen delivery address.

How much does the shipping cost?

We only charge to deliver the baby capsule at a flat rate of $25. We provide FREE returns.

When do I need to return the baby capsule?

You will need to return your baby capsule at the end of your hire period which you can find in your sales order confirmation email, online account and we will also be sending you a reminder email closer to the expiry of your hire period. You will just need to make sure that the baby capsule is scanned at your nearest  Australia Post outlet on the date of your expiry to avoid any further charges i.e. if your hire expires on 10 November, you will need to make sure that the baby capsule is submitted to Australia Post no later than 10 November.

How do I return my baby capsule at the end of the hire period?

It's easy, simply log on to your online account on and click on the 'Return baby capsule' button under 'My subscriptions'. You will need a printer to print out the Australia Post return label and stick it on the box and return it to your nearest Australia Post office.

Do I need to clean the capsule before return?

We realise minor wear and tear can occur, however, we expect the baby capsule to be returned in a reasonably clean condition. 

Is the bond refundable?

Yes, the bond is refundable after we have received and inspected the condition of the baby capsule. You can choose to either have your bond refunded or use the fund to purchase your next car seat from us.

What payments are available?

Currently, we offer you the option to either pay in full or in monthly installments. If you choose to pay on monthly installments, you will be charged the bond and delivery fee at the checkout. Your hire fee will be charged on a monthly basis at the chosen start date.

Can I cancel my hire order?

Yes, you can cancel your hire order before your hire start date.

Can I return my capsule earlier?

If you have chosen a 6 month hire period and have completed 3 months of your hire period, you can choose to return your capsule earlier and be charged for 3 months hire. However, if you have chosen 3 month hire period then you can still return your capsule earlier however you will still be charged for the full 3 months hire period. 

Can I change the start of my hire period to be earlier?

Yes, you can change the start date of your hire period earlier after you have placed an order with us. Just call our friendly customer service team on 1300 809 526.

When you place a baby capsule hire order with us, you have agreed to our hire terms and conditions. You can download the full terms and conditions below:

> Baby capsule Hire Terms and Conditions

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