At Maxi-Cosi we design and bring to market the most trusted, intuitive and safe baby capsules in the world. To date, we have carried over 50million baby’s home from hospital. 

A baby capsule is an infant restraint consisting of a convenient stay-in-car base, plus a removable capsule. Suitable from newborn to approx. 6 months of age. Our baby capsules are to be used in rearward-facing position until your infant's shoulder meets the height marker. 

Our Maxi-Cosi baby capsules offer parent’s piece of mind that their baby is safe and secure, while they can continue to live the life they want. Featuring superior safety features, such as Air Protect our baby capsules are safe, practical, and easy to remove from the car whilst your baby remains harnessed and hopefully asleep.

Our Maxi-Cosi baby capsules are compatible with Australia's most popular pram brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Bugaboo, UPPABaby, iCandy, Joolz and Redsbaby. Together with a pram, baby capsules can turn into a travel system, which is a safe and trusted method of transport for your newborn. Our baby capsule range will help you carry your precious bundle in total safety and comfort. 

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  1. Mico Plus Baby Capsule
    Mico Plus Baby Capsule

    Australia's popular baby capsule Mico Plus comes with extended sun canopy and Air Protect.

  2. Citi Baby Capsule
    Citi Baby Capsule

    Citi baby capsule is Australia's lightest baby capsule that will get you where you need to be, hassle-free.

  3. Baby Capsule Mico AP Black Devotion 45 angle view with cover and base
    Mico AP Baby Capsule

    Happy travels are ahead with Mico AP infant car seat that makes each journey with baby easier and safer!

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Accessories for your baby capsule

Baby Capsule Top Tether Adjuster

Top tether strap suitable for use with any Maxi-Cosi Baby Capsule: Citi, Mico AP and Mico Plus.

Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Protector

Protect your car seat’s upholstery from spills and stains.

Mico Plus Spare Base

Infant carrier - base only available in black colour only. 

Capsule Cover suitable for Mico Plus

Replacement Cover accessory, suitable for the Mico Plus infant capsule

Mico Plus Capsule Hood

Capsule Hood accessory, suitable for the Mico Plus infant capsule

Mico AP Base

Infant carrier - base only BLACK - Maxi-Cosi Mico AP baby capsule

Capsule Cover suitable for Mico AP

Replacement Cover accessory, suitable for the Mico AP infant capsule

Mico Harness Pads

Infant Capsule harness pad accessory, suitable for the Mico AP infant capsule

Mico Baby Capsule Crotch Pad

Infant Capsule crotch pad accessory, suitable for the Mico AP infant capsule

Citi Spare Base

Infant carrier - base only BLACK - Maxi-Cosi Citi baby capsule

Capsule Cover suitable for Citi

Replacement Cover accesory, suitable for the Citi infant capsule

Raincover Infant Carrier

Raincover for Maxi-Cosi baby capsules

Modern Nappy Bag

The Modern nappy bag comes with a zipper insulated bag, zipper bottle carrier/storage bag and change mat


Why you need a baby capsule in your life, in 4 quick points

Baby Capsule

A comprehensive list of 4 reasons why you should invest in a baby capsule with benefis for both you and your baby.

1. Click in/Click out
It’s as simple as it sounds, and boy is it probably the best point. Never has it been so simple to take your little one around with you than when you can get them prepped in the house and all buckled in, carry them to the car have them secure in a simple click, to then arrive at your destination and click straight onto your pram! Even without the pram, you still have the option to carry them around freely.

2. No sleepy no happy.
Nobody is happy with no sleep - but the first six months are hard for routine, and sometimes you just can’t work around nap times. Because the baby capsules means your baby doesn’t have to get out of it at all, you can keep them sleeping as you run about town, or even - dare we say it - get your nails done!

3. Comfortability for you
Need a quick stop at the supermarket or post office? Just want to duck in to grab a few things at the butcher? Having to un click your baby from a rear facing car seat and then carry them in your arms, or set up the entire pram system with seat can just be too painful sometimes. The baby capsule is a quick solution by allowing you to tote them around like a handbag - but also pop them down while you stand at a counter or check out!

4. Reuse for other siblings
Whilst some may baulk at the extra cost of a capsule when the time frame it can be used for is minimal compared to the other travel options like pram and car seats, you can reuse capsules for your second child and so on. Each capsule is designed to be used for up to 10 years, with each child averaging 6 months in it, and if you’re baby doesn’t reach the height markers you can keep going until 8 months. When second baby comes along and you have more life commitments like birthday parties and playgroups to attend with your first child, you'll be thanking your past self for the baby capsule investment.