Citi Baby Capsule vs. Mico Plus Baby Capsule
17 May 2019

Citi Baby Capsule vs. Mico Plus Baby Capsule

Product Comparison

The decision has been made: you want the convenience that comes with the baby capsule. You want the travel system to serve all purposes: to provide absolute protection for the first 6 months during the ride, to be easily taken out of the car, carried around in your arms like a basket, and when it gets too heavy - quickly attached to a wheelbase and pushed around like a stroller.

Now we get to another hard part - choosing the best model to meet your needs. Time and time again, Maxi-Cosi proved to save the lives of our children. Evidently, any one of our baby capsules will provide the maximum safety you want for your baby. The only question is - which one will best meet some of your most specific needs and lifestyle?

In this article, we’ve decided to compare two of our highly popular models: Citi Baby Capsule and Mico Plus Baby Capsule. Aside from the fact that we intended to highlight the benefits of these two particular models, by the end you should get a broader picture of what to look for in a baby capsule in general and maybe go with any model we have in our collection.  

Citi Baby Capsule

For parents on the go who want their little one by their side at all times, Citi Baby Capsule is likely to be the best investment they made.

Extremely lightweight

What sets it apart from other models is the fact that it weighs only 3.2kg and with its 63cm height, 54cm length and 38cm width, it is considered one of the most compact in-car and mobile models on the market. It allows you to carry your child around as you complete all your daily duties without having to worry that your arms will get tired easily.

Highly compatible

But for longer walks around the city, you’ll appreciate the fact that it is compatible with over 10 pram brands. As such, you can turn your carry-on into a stroller in a few easy clicks. It also comes with a stay-in-car base that keeps the capsule set in place for the duration of the ride.

Smart and elegant design

Citi Baby Capsule is widely praised for its strategic design intended to provide the baby with utmost comfort, even when you need them to stay in their capsule a bit longer. This particular model comes with a removable padded infant insert that you can take in an out easily to make your child more comfortable once they outgrow this additional layer of protection. The Insert is designed and tested to be used from 0-6 months. The infant insert can also be removed earlier at the parent’s discretion.

The fabrics that are used are easy to clean, which is particularly important at such an early age when spills and stains are unavoidable.

You can find this model in three different colours - Black Raven, Concrete Grey, and River Blue.

Maximum protection

What is more, the baby capsule features a sun canopy with 50+ UPF rating, keeping your child protected from harsh sun rays.

To find out more about Citi Baby Capsule, check out the details here.

Mico Plus Baby Capsule

Mico Plus Baby Capsule is widely praised for its versatility and ease of use.

Superior protection

The newborn capsule features Air Protect side impact protection, keeping your baby safe from any side impact which may occur during the car accident. It also comes with a 2-position crotch buckle that allows you to better fit your child into the capsule. Furthermore, a 2-position recline enables you to better align the capsule in a car, and in combination with ISOFIX compatibility - you can rest assured your baby’s going to stay put and not experience any distress in city traffic.

Suitable for travel

This model comes with such a versatile baby capsule design that it meets the needs of all parents, regardless of their everyday means of transportation. First off, like any other Maxi-Cosi capsule, it comes with a stay-in-care base and is compatible with all Australia’s most popular stroller brands, so you can quickly turn it into a stroller. But in case you plan on taking a little bit of a longer trip - know that Mico Plus Baby Capsule is certified with airplane compliance and can be taken on planes.

Utmost comfort

Mico Plus Baby Capsule design is extremely smart - it features mesh panels and a peekaboo window that enables greater airflow. The choice of fabric was smart, as well, as it keeps the baby cool and comfortable when the temperatures are high. Namely, ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric can draw moisture away from the newborn’s skin and keep it comfortable.

For any occasion

Thanks to the extendable Reflective Sun Canopy with 50+ UPF, you can take your child out for a walk even on the warmest summer days. On the other hand, when the rain comes pouring out of the blue, you don’t have to cut the stroll around the block short as your baby is protected with a water resistant hood.

To find out more about Mico Plus Baby Capsule, check out the details here.

Which of the two do you prefer? Or maybe you have a few additional questions for us before the final decision is made? Feel free to contact Maxi-Cosi and we’ll get back to you ASAP!