21 Day Convertible car seat trial program

1.0 Acceptance of terms and conditions

In these terms and conditions, the applicant for trial is referred to as “You” and “Your” and Dorel is referred to as “We”, “Us” and “Our”, as the context requires.

Please read these terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) carefully before you proceed. By proceeding with a 21 day trial and or clicking “I Agree”, you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions including those on our website and confirm that you have read our privacy and terms of use policy (Privacy and Terms of Use Policy) available at www.maxi-cosi.com.au/privacy.

By proceeding with a 21-day trial and or clicking “I Agree”, you acknowledge that you are entering into an agreement with Dorel.

2.0 Twenty-one days Equipment trial

If, within the 21-day trial period you are not entirely satisfied with the equipment you have chosen, you can return the equipment back to Us. The request to return the equipment must be done directly to us, via phone, in writing to us via email at [email protected] or via the Maxi-Cosi website.

The Trial is only available for Hire customers initially, on the proviso the bond paid during the hire period carries over to the 21-day trial and you agree that your credit card may at the discretion of Dorel be charged the RRP value of the product if not returned, damaged or lost. The trial is for single use, one address, one family and will be at the sole discretion of Dorel. For the avoidance of doubt, no multiple free trials, delivery to same address, multiple trials from different family members will be allowed.

Dorel may amend these terms, cancel or refuse this offer at any time without notice

3.0 Trial Period

a) The trial period commences from the date of despatch from Dorel.

b) Your trial equipment ends 21(twenty-one) days after the date of dispatch.

c) You agree The Trail equipment will be despatched via Australia post store, to Dorel Australia on or before the end of the trial period packaged in the carton it was delivered in.

d) If you return the equipment after the 21 day trial period has expired, we reserve the right to charge you the full Recommended Retail Price.

e) You agree to advise us of your intention to return the equipment before the 21 days trial expires. You agree to Dorel contacting you for the purpose of sales, marketing or customer support

4.0 Trial Charges and Other Charges

4.1 Trial Charges

(a) You agree to pay or agree that Dorel will continue to hold your Hire bond (Hire program) and claim any remaining amounts owed from you in full at the time of order placement before the equipment can be despatched.

(b) No fees or charges are to be entered into for or on behalf of Dorel without express written approval from a Senior Dorel Manager.

(c) During or at the completion of your complimentary car seat test drive promotion, you may choose to purchase the Maxi-Cosi car seat / item you have chosen and have your bond / deposit deducted from the purchase price of your chosen trial product by advising our customer service team during the trial period.

(d) This agreement and the conditions quoted on our website and/or documentation are subject to change on our website without notice. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not alter this Agreement or the Trail Charges applicable to Your equipment once You have received Confirmation from Dorel.

(e) You will ensure you have enough insurance coverage should your hire capsule or trial car seat be damaged in an accident. Maxi-Cosi accident exchange does not apply to trial products (but will apply if they are purchased)

4.2 Other Charges

(a) If You decide to return the equipment after the 21 days Trial period, You will be responsible for paying the shipping charges back to Us, which will be deducted from your bond or credit card.

(b) Should you damage the car seat or return it uncleaned, then any rectification cost will be charged to you. Including but not limited to total replacement (If the trial car seat is unable to be re-used).

5.0 Trial end and Refund

5.1 Trial end

(a) If you choose to end the trial, the trial equipment needs to be returned to us in good, clean condition (as determinable by Dorel) and its original packaging (refer to point 6, your obligations) with all the included accessories that came with the box.

(b) If you have lost or damaged the packaging, you may request packing or box to be sent out to you from us at a cost incurred by you.

5.2 Refunds

(a) A refund of your bond may take up to five business days after we receive the equipment back in our warehouse pending an inspection of the equipment to meet the above conditions.

(b) Refunds will be processed via electronic bank transfer only into the account you used to pay for the trial equipment at the beginning of the trial period.

6.0 Change of Mind and Order cancellation

(f) You can cancel your order before the equipment(s) have been despatched from our warehouse, if the equipment(s) is delivered then You will be responsible for the freight back to Us.

(a) We do not issue refunds for change We at our discretion reserve the right to still charge you the full amount specified at the time of placing the order.

7.0 Your obligations

7.1 General obligations

You must

(a) You will not hold Dorel Australia liable for any loss you suffer, financially or otherwise. Unless that loss is a protection under Australian Consumer Law.

(b) not allow nor authorise any other person or entity to use or have possession of the Equipment at any time during the Trail Period. You will be responsible for any loss or misuse.

(c) You agree that before accepting the Equipment, You have satisfied Yourself as to the suitability, condition and fitness for purpose of the Equipment without relying upon Our skills or judgement or any person purporting to act on Our behalf.

(d) You undertake to install and operate the Equipment safely, strictly in accordance with Australian law and the manufacturer’s recommendations, only for its intended use, and in accordance with Our instructions (if applicable).

7.2 Additional obligation

You must

(e) keep clean and maintain the Equipment in good condition in accordance with Our instructions (if applicable) at Your cost and expense;

(f) not in any way alter, modify (including removing any identifying mark or plate), damage or repair the Equipment without Our prior consent;

(g) Aside from normal wear and tear as decided solely by Dorel Australia, you must return the Equipment to Us in the same undamaged and clean condition it was dispatched to you in; free from rips, tears, scratches and unsoiled.

(h) not use the Equipment in a dangerous or unlawful manner, or for an illegal purpose.

(i) You agree to indemnify Us for all damage to the Equipment and its operation, to the extent You caused or contributed to that damage, including by using the Equipment in a motor vehicle not registered in Australia or whose registration has expired.

(j) You warrant to Us that You have adequate insurance to cover all liabilities incurred as a result of the use of the Equipment.

8.0 Warranty

8.1 Warranty during the 21 Days Trail

(a) Your warranty starts from the date of the product purchase, by entering the 21 days trial you will automatically qualify and be registered for our Maxi-Cosi life-time warranty for the product you have chosen during the trial.

(b) Within the 21 days trial period the product is subject to Dorel’s standard manufacturer warranty.

(c) This warranty is limited to Australia only and cannot be transferred to another person.

(d) Accident exchange is a voluntary program for child restraints sold in Australia and only apply after the 21-day trial period is over.

8.2 General

(a) We warrant your new product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of the warranty, provided that the product is used in accordance with accompanying recommendations or instructions where provided.

(b) The benefit of this warranty is in addition to your rights under the Australian consumer law and to other rights and remedies of the consumer under a law in relation to the goods or services to which the warranty relates.

(c) We will provide you with your choice of a refund, repair or exchange (where possible) for this product if it becomes defective within the warranty period. Dorel Australia Pty Ltd will bear the reasonable expense of claiming the warranty.

(d) This warranty will no longer apply where the defect is a result of alteration, accident, misuse, abuse or neglect.

(e) You must provide the receipt or proof of purchase to claim warranty.

(f) For a detailed description please refer to our Maxi Cosi Life warranty section in the equipment's instruction manual.